Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Zombie Comic Book Now NYT Best-Seller

The graphic novel is finally getting its due. The Grey Lady has deigned to include graphic books on their own "best-sellers list" in the Book Review section. It's about time. The Times added a comic strip section to their own Sunday Magazine well over a year ago.

And behold! My beloved The Walking Dead graphic novel is on the list at number five. Booyah!

The Times claims that: "Comics have finally joined the mainstream." This is an interesting statement, and one that I'm not sure I entirely agree with. In an effort to save themselves from bankruptcy, comic book companies have been selling of their assets for mainstream movies and TV shows at an amazing pace. But have "comics" really joined the mainstream in that the mainstream is now consuming comics?

Also, The Beat has an interesting discussion with Times as to why the new best-seller list is called "Graphic Books" and not "Graphic Novels."

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