Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Daily Show

Things I learned at a taping of The Daily Show:

  1. John Oliver is really skinny.
  2. Jon Stewart spent Passover "knee-deep in a chicken parm sub."
  3. The old lady in the front row from Maine has smoked pot.
On the whole, an informative afternoon. The pic above is from the waiting area of two, short, half Jews who didn't observe the Seder. Below are clips from the show I saw taped. I was sitting off on stage right in the VIP section. Yeah, I'm with someone very important.

The Daily Showed first used the R. Kelly impersonator last year to recount Senator Larry Craig's men's room scandal.

Before you watch the next segment, check out Part 1 of John Ollie's Ticket to the Pollies.

So maybe this globalization thing isn't so bad?

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Alan Norton said...

that's awesome. well done mate.

scared of heights, hah.