Thursday, November 29, 2007

CNN * YouTube Debate

Last night the Republican Presidential candidates spent an inordinate amount of time mincing words of immigration, enumerating the firearms they possessed, and explaining which baseball teams they root for. Mitt Romney dodged nearly every question while Mike Huckabee's amazing oratory proved that his recent poll gains are not undeserved.

I got my mail today and opened up the latest from my NetFlix queue, the all-Amerian tour-de-Willis that is Live Free of Die Hard, and was amused by the ad on the inside. I wonder if those ads are connected with the movie enclosed. Here's the ad. I'll post more of the these NetFlix ads in an attempt to track any trends.

Monday, November 19, 2007

CrankCast Vid Picks: Chuck Norris

Are you a presidential candidate lagging in the polls? Need something to give your numbers a little boost? How about something to give your campaign a roundhouse kick to the face? Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has just the thing.

So there you have it. Huckabee is out next president because, like the man said, "Chuck Norris doesn't endorse. He tells America how it's gonna be." And this is (almost) completely serious. Norris extolls Huckabee's virtues on the conservative blog WorldNetDaily.

However, this post is nothing compared to Norris's earlier post on WorldNetDaily where he articulates his vision of a Chuck Norris White House in "If I am elected president." Here are highlights from his presidential agenda:
  • Turn the Rose Garden into a new fighting ring for the World Combat League, in which liberals and conservatives will fight for legislative leadership and priority.
  • Increase jobs in America by sending ninja teams to sabotage and steal them back from other countries.
  • Resolve the Iraq war by bringing all of our military personnel home immediately, then going over there by myself for "martial arts negotiations."
  • Convey my plan for world peace to the United Nations: taking the governor of California with me on our "kick butt and ask questions later" USO world tour.
  • Expose the real WMDs – my fists and feet.
  • Personally smoke out bin Laden by myself and round-house kick him all the way back to America, where my United Fighting Arts Federation will handle the justice issues.
There you have it, a very Chuck Norris election. And for good measure here are some other Chuck Norris video gems.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

NewTeeVee Live!

Check us out. I'll be live-blogging the event today with my colleague Chris Albrecht, so check out our sometimes frantic, often witty, and always caffeine-enhanced commentary here.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Ze's Back

Even Ze is weighing in on the writer's strike. And he promises more too!

Continuing on the theme of strikes and things that start with the letter "z," I would like to bring the conversation around to the little reported threat of a lurch-out by the ZGA, the Zombies Guild of America.

Their demands are simple, often phrased in a mono-syllabic moan aimed in the direction of the living - brains. Specifically, more brains. This is not the first time zombies have united for their rights. Several marches have occurred for zombie rights, often with the rallying cry of "What do we want? BRAINS! When do we want them? BRAINS!"

You get the idea.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Writers' Strike And You

The Writers Guild of America (WGA) agreed this weekend to go on strike on Monday. What does this mean for you, simple media consumer? Well, first all of your daily talk shows - The Daily Show, Colbert Report, Tonight Show, Late Show, etc. - will have no writers. Next impacted will be your episodic prime time sitcoms and dramas, i.e. The Office and Lost. A few months later the American box office will take a hit as no new scripts have been signed. In the interim, reruns, foreign imports, and a "renaissance" of writer-free reality television will fill the vacuous airwaves.

Time to find some good books.