Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Meet Team Fortress 2

I recently got the chance to check out Team Fortress 2, a team-based first person shooter of Pixar-persuasions, on a friend's flat screen on his 360. Oddly, our initial encounter was quite frustrating at the lack of in-console multiplayer. This means two contemporaries sitting in the same room enjoying some brews can't also obliterate each in this game but two nine-year-olds with headsets can do just that across the continent while also shouting homophobic epithets.

But that withstanding, we got into the rhythm of passing the controller around for an amazingly entertaining FPS that had the in-house spectators laughing and cheering. The game's mise en scene is strongly reminiscent of Pixar's seminal Incredibles, all the way down to the marketing campaign. The videos below were floated across the internet and do some entertaining character development vignettes. It's machinima on steroids full of wit, whimsy and "wilcos" and worth the watch. Enjoy.

Meet the Heavy

Meet the Engineer

Meet the Soldier

Meet the Demoman

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