Monday, October 29, 2007

CrankCast Vid Picks: Zombies Abound

Between the recent vogue of zombie-memehood and the advent of Halloween you can barely go out to the grocery store without tripping over some zombies. Here are some informational videos that will better prepare you for the eventual war between the living and the undead.

I chatted with Lee LeFever and he explained that a video like this one takes 30 to 40 hours to make. Also, a note for the San Franciscans: In case of a zombie attack we will rendezvous at the Costco on 10th and Harrison.

This video has a really beautiful animation style. Watch how the background changes shades throughout the cartoon. And a good Hannibal Lecter reference goes well with zombies and a nice chianti.

I'm still sad that the Bush/Zombie Reagan ticket back in '04 was never recognized. However, Cheney is very zombiesque.

Zombie Crank would need coffee... and brains. Coffee and brains.

It's strange that a movie whose one-liner pitch is "Lassie, but with zombies" got made. But thank god it did.

Also, check out this cool project my buddy Bill Cammarack told me about at NTV in NYC. It's called Node666 and it's a video blog project where you can submit your own zombie experience in video link form. This episode,simply titled "Goddamn Zombies," is probably what my final hours would like, except if zombies touched my computers I'd totally start lobotomizing the zed-heads.

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