Wednesday, July 11, 2007

July New Tech MeetUp

Another month, another meetup. I love these things and more and more people just keeping showing up (and eating the pizza before I get any). Anyway, here's a lowly blogger's short review of what went down. - In a delicious mix of mild self-deprecation and condescension, Guy Kawasaki pitched his rumor-mill site with little fanfare. Like my recent post on, I'm really worried that the signal-to-noise ratio won't improve, but even more so because it seems that the Truemors model relies on the shallow and sensational.... just like the of the internets. In the end I'm not impressed that he made this for 12K and I'm left thinking "you still spent a lot of money on a crappy idea." And now back to Digg. - Mo was back by popular demand and definitely delivered, telling a great story about his job as a comp sci TA. Oh, he also has a funny little company on the site where you can make pictures talk. I'll be using it soon for sure, so check back.

JuggleMyStuff - Yet another project management suite, JuggleMyStuff dragged its feet through it's presentation. Looked...nice. I like the name. Yeah. Moving on. - Focusing on the idea of in-flow reviews, RateItAll has made the first read/write widget. They made a cute little piece of widgetry that could really change the way online reviews are read and written. The widget goes where the products/topics/reviewed things are which is where the eyeballs are. Makes sense.

Ad Perk - Ad Perk looks to make a new sort of commercial currency. they are not a destination site and connect viewers, advertisers, and hosts in a new way to exchange eyeballs for quality content in an intelligent way. As the advertising industry gropes it's way online, Ad Perk offers a very interesting new model. However, I was getting frustrated by the number of times the presenter would start answer questions with "What you're not seeing is..." This is your presentation! I'm seeing what you're showing me!

Perhaps it was the excess of beer or the because it was hump day, but it was an unusually hostile and inarticulate audience which made from some funny and painful Q&A sessions.

See you next month.

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