Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Blogger vs. M.D. Ph.D.

Googling one's own name is a procrastinator's favorite trick. It guarantees seconds of distraction and hours of narcissistic pondering. When I first started Googling my name, way back in 2000 when my high school librarian first explained what a "search engine" was, I didn't come up at all. I was very sad. Slowly, though college, I moved up from a reference to my ultimate playing on the twelfth page of search of search results. By senior year I was even on the first page with my Big Green Bus exploits bumping me up in Google's algorithmic eyes. And now, a full year out of college, I occupy four of the seven first search results on the first page for "Craig Rubens." Oh yeah, I've really come far.

However, I have yet to claim the first search result.

And that is because of one man. One, massively more educated, do-gooding, doctor. A M.D., Ph.D. pediatrician, to be precise. Dr. Craig E. Rubens, of Seattle, Washington, is the first Google search result for "Craig Rubens."

My goal - to be the "I'm feeling lucky" result. My means - the intertubes. I think it's fascinating that I've climbed the Google rankings so far already. I am not going to argue who does better work for the world (Dr. Rubens "researches the pathogenesis of infections that cause neurologic damage in newborns." Blogger Rubens writes about online video and zombies.). Still, I find it fascinating that I might become seemingly more important in cold computer-lidded gaze of Google. We'll see what the coming months yield.

(Note: I did NOT link to Dr. Craig Rubens for fear of boosting his rankings)


Jackson West said...

I recently googled myself and turned up the only other Jackson West I've ever heard of. He stages homes for sale in Vancouver. Not sure who's more of a value to society on that one.

Seigs said...

Funny post...

It helps to have a last name like mine that only a handful of other families have in the world.

In other words, I dominate the Google search for Adam Sigelmans, holding spots 1 through 151.