Tuesday, June 05, 2007

NewTeeVee Pier Screenings

So, the blog that gets me the Benjamins is over at NewTeeVee.com. We cover online video, everything from software and hardware to legislation and litigation to venture capital and video contests to content and "weblebrities." I cover mostly those last two (though I'm fond of all the major geek food groups).

The Pier Screenings series is an event we at NewTeeVee put on where we invite video makers (or anyone!) to submit videos around a theme (episodic content, parodies, etc) and the best get shown on a giant screen we setup on our pier and watch them with beers, snacks, and friends in the web 2.0 community.

Here's a recap of our last event. If you want to come to the next one register and come! June 19th!

NewTeeVee Pier Screening

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