Monday, May 28, 2007

The Drunk/Nude/Flairful March to the Sea

For those not familiar with the 12k "race" Bay to Breakers, it is an experience to behold. While there are those that actually run it (and the winner takes home a cool $32,000) the vast majority enjoy a stroll through the city of San Francisco in a variety of hedonistic modes. The pictures below speak volumes, but also check out SMP Films' short YouTube video of this year's event.

1 comment:

Mackey said...

Shades of the trihawk in that photo. All you need is some gel...

ps, since I'm too lazy to email you now that I'm writing this, can you blitz me the lineage of the oregon ultimate sweatshirt sometime if you have/know it? I hosed socks for it, didn't even have to throw my fire.

I also got the oompa-loompa suit as a bequest from Blair. Was that yours originally, or is there more to its lineage?