Monday, April 30, 2007

Critical Mass - Pedal Powered Justice

The climax of the ride occurred just outside Golden Gate Park in the setting sun as the entire operation stopped at the intersection of Kezar and Stanyan where cyclists hoisted bicycles over their heads and pumped their bike-filled fists in the air and let out a jubilant roar. A denouement along Haight Street brought me and my bicycle back home and took many other riders back down town where the ride eventually ended in the city's cycling mecca - the Mission.


Seigs said...

Really? REALLY?

Raising awareness for bicyclists? I mean, I think raising awareness is pointless 90% of the time to begin with, but even if I were to make anyone aware of anything, it would NOT be a bunch of bikes and their owners.

Man, the West Coast sucks.

Omar Cruz said...

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Seigs said...


Has anyone ever called you Crankfurter before? I think I will.