Saturday, March 24, 2007 meets COPS

Having been live for less than a week, already has become the target of some pretty nefarious cyberpunks with a LOT of time of their hands. Yesterday someone spoofed Justin's cell phone (the number publicly listed on the site) and called the San Francisco police reporting a stabbing at Justin's apartment. And what did the cops find when they busted into the North Beach apartment with guns drawn? A bunch of geeks with laptops (and notably dry laps. Justin seems to be quite a chill guy). The entire scenario played out like a boring episode of Fox's "COPS." Watch here.

I think the scariest part of this is the cop's personal job description. When Justin tries to explain that they call was probably spoofed through a relay the cops replies: "How do you do that? I'm not very technical. I shoot people." Yikes.

But who better to prank then some dude with a camera strapped to his head? You get to watch your prank unfold from the privacy of your very own parent's basement. I'm surprised someone hasn't already ordered them a stripper to spice up's rather bland subject matter.

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