Saturday, March 10, 2007

Grey's Anatomy Jumping the Shark

It’s sad when you can pin-point the moment a TV show jumps the shark. For many shows it’s the exit of a major actor, for others, it’s the entrance of a new baby, and for many it’s the appearance of Ted McGinley. For Grey’s Anatomy it is the Lazarus-like reanimation of Dr. Meredith Grey. You know you’re in trouble when the name of the episode is “Some Kind of Miracle.” It’s like the writers admit they have no idea what’s going on. They can’t even pretend to know what kind of miracle they’ve just written. Grey tests her newfound sixth sense in an episode where General Hospital meets The Frighteners.

While Grey confronts a slew of underdeveloped plot devices who died in the previous episodes, the rest of the cast grapples with the drawn out near-death of the titular Grey. Let’s break this down to see what this “emotional episode” has in store.

  • Dr. Cristina Yang goes on a spending spree at a 99¢ store and then gets wasted at the local bar. If only you could combine those and get a 99¢ bar.
  • Dr. Isobel “Izzie” Stevens bristles with all of her possessive, holier-than-thou, bitchiness before snapping and trying to take a bite of George’s new wife, a much bigger dog than herself.
  • Dr. George O’Malley was…uh…was he in this episode? Oh yeah, right, all he did was NOT talk to Izzy. Good thing we resolved that.
  • Dr. Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd, in his classiest move yet, bitches out Meredith’s dying, Alzheimer’s ridden mother for messing up her kid.
  • Dr. Addison Montgomery-Shepherd wishes that McDreamy would have bitched out HER mom out of love.
  • Dr. Mark “McSteamy” Sloan still wants to bone Addison. And, in the only interesting development in the episode, outdoes Josh Harnett and agrees to go SIXTY days without sex and in return he gets another go at Addison. Addison agrees that she will also abstain, scoffing and says “Who would I possibly be having sex with?” before the camera subtly cuts to
  • Dr. Alex Karev, continuing to reveal his surprisingly resourceful and touching side, takes care of a pregnant woman with amnesia who looks like Michael Myers from “Halloween.” I think that’s all they gave this actress when they described her character to her before shooting.
  • Chief Dr. Richard Webber still pines for the late Dr. Ellis Grey. But he did just dye his hair, and truthfully, she'll never be able to tell!
  • Dr. Miranda Bailey has gotten soft now that she’s had a kid. What happened to “The Nazi?”
  • Dr. Preston Burke has amazingly few lines. I guess network execs are trying to reduce his opportunity to shove his homophobic foot in his flapping mouth.

But don’t worry; this episode has lots of crazy, pan-dimensional, personal issue resolutions. Meredith confronts her mother in the spiritual back drop of…well, purgatory seems to be simply an overexposed copy of Seattle Grace Hospital without all the sexual tension. Meredith and Ellis are able to resolve all of their problems with thirty seconds of dialogue and hugging. And now, apparently, Ellis can peacefully slip out of this world as Meredith slips back in to resume her life outside of her mother’s venomous shadow. Booyah, Freud.

Oh, and because the writers were still watching “Ghost” while they wrote the last few minutes of the episode, Izzy, the accidental gold digger, seems to get a reassuring ethereal groping from her deceased betrothed Denny which, apparently, lays his uneasy soul to rest. Ghost sex is easy.

And it’s all a neat little package…of vomit. Well, it seems that Grey’s has joined Lost on the crazy train. Now all I have left is Battlestar Galactica and at least when crazy shit happens there I’m ok with it because the show is set in the space… and the future… with robots.

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Seigs said...

That was coincidentally the first (and last) episode of Grey's I watched.