Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Edtv" 2.0 = Justin.tv?

At midnight on March 19th, 2007 Justin Kan went live. Totally live. His entire life is now a non-stop video blog. With a camera strapped his head, a huge pack of batteries slung over his back, and a live feed streaming 24:7, Justin.tv is an actualization of an "off the wall idea," as its creator often calls it on the "show."

While all the functionality is not there yet - the video stream occasionally clicks out and the innovative "boo" and "clap" buttons aren't live yet - it is amazing that so much of the site is indeed up and working considering that the entire project laughs in the face of Murphy's Law.

Justin has already been seen fielding live phone calls from fans, stalkers, and even mid-lecture media professors. The show's chatroom is buzzing with comments from users/viewers (a term they themselves can't agree on), offering suggestions for improvements and asking if they can be on the show and, therefore, meet Justin. Of course, the uncensored chat section has users urging Justin to "bang" every female he sees, and Justin admits on air that perhaps some sort of "moderation" will be needed to keep the forum productive and not reproductive. And when does a new internet technology take off with boobs?

Still, the 23 year-old Yale grad has quite an interesting experiment going. The applications of easy live and mobile webcasting are huge and already the chat forum wants Justin.tv to circumnavigate the world. Earth.tv? I'd watch.